GenomeHubs is designed to make it easy to set up and host a core set of bioinformatics tools to help research communities share and access genomic datasets for non-model organisms.

To view existing community GenomeHubs, or if you have data to submit to one of these GenomeHubs, follow the links from the Communities menu, which also features a set of tutorials to help you get started with exploring the data in a GenomeHub.

If you want to set up a new GenomeHub, links to full documentation and all source code can be found in the Hosting menu.

If you use GenomeHubs in your research, please cite:

Challis RJ, Kumar S, Stevens L & Blaxter M (2017) GenomeHubs: Simple containerised setup of a custom Ensembl database and web server for any species. Database, 2017:bax039 doi:10.1093/database/bax039