GenomeHubs is designed to make it easy to set up and host a core set of bioinformatics tools to help research communities share and access genomic datasets for non-model organisms. This approach was originally developed during the BBSRC funded LepBase project as a solution to creating a genome browser and BLAST server for the Lepidopteran research community.

GenomeHubs uses Docker containers to deploy tools to view and search genomic datasets and a typical site will host:

We are working on integrating related projects into future releases to also provide:

If you use GenomeHubs in your research, please cite:

Challis RJ, Kumar S, Stevens L & Blaxter M (2017) GenomeHubs: Simple containerised setup of a custom Ensembl database and web server for any species. Database, 2017:bax039 doi:10.1093/database/bax039

Building on our success with LepBase, we are continuing to use GenomeHubs as a way to help support and develop the research communities that can grow around emerging genomic resources. Beyond the Lepidoptera, we are working with researchers from communities focused on molluscs, scale insects, singing insects, tardigrades, and are using GenomeHubs to provide access to genomic resources emerging through the Caenorhabditis Genomes Project.

GenomeHubs is designed to be relatively straightforward to set up and maintain. If you would like to get started building an accessible portal to genomic information for your favourite group of organisms all our code is open source and we have extensive documentation to help get you started.