A GenomeHub can be used to collate and share genomic data across taxon-oriented research communities and provide a hub for comparative analyses across a wider range of taxa than are typically sequenced by a single research group. GenomeHubs such as LepBase and MealybugBase aim to fulfil this role for the Lepidoptera and mealybugs, respectively, and invite data submissions from across the community to provide a shared resource.

Submissions to each GenomeHub are handled by a curator who has the task of checking and validating the required data files and metadata to ensure they can be included in the full suite of GenomeHubs tools and views. The pages linked below set out general data and metadata requirements for community submissions to a GenomeHub.

Submit an assembly

In order to submit an assembly, you will need to be able to supply the following files to the relevant GenomeHub curator. For more information on how to prepare these files follow the links for each file type or click here for a full description.

Submit tracks

Data mapped to an assembly hosted in a GenomeHub can be submitted to the relevant curator to be displayed as additional tracks. Files will need to be in bigWig format. Click here for full details and a description of the required metadata.