Additional tracks (e.g. RNASeq coverage across the genome) may be displayed for assemblies by configuring the location view in the ensembl. subdomain. The availability of these data depends on appropriate TrackHubs being loaded by the site curator.

This example uses Heliconius melpomene melpomene Hmel2 scaffold Hmel200106 in LepBase.

1. Follow the link directly to Heliconius melpomene melpomene Hmel2 scaffold Hmel200129 and scroll to the bottom of the page:

2. Click on the cog symbol to configure the image and select “PRJNA283415” under RNA-Seq Alignments. These are mappings of RNA-seq data registered under the study accession PRJNA283415 to the Hmel2 assembly. Names for groups of tracks may vary, particularly for data that are unpublished at the time they are added, such as the “Wing RNA-Seq” data in the same list. Click “Enable/disable all PRJNA283415” to bring up a submenu:

3. Choose “Wiggle plot” then click the tick at the top right corner to close the dialog box:

4. After a few seconds the additional tracks should be loaded into the genome browser view. Tracks are only shown if they contain data for the current region. The wiggle plot shows the depth of mapping at different locations and these data show clear peaks aligned with three of the four exons showing supporting evidence for the gene model. The first exon may have support from data not shown here:

5. This view also shows variation tracks, which are described in the Jump to a specific location tutorial.