Each GenomeHub has three subdomains where the main tools can be found: blast., download. and ensembl. For MealyBugBase (mealybug.org), these are blast.mealybug.org, download.mealybug.org and ensembl.mealybug.org. While these mealybug examples are used on this page, each GenomeHub will have the same suite of core tools.


blast.mealybug.org uses SequenceServer to provide a BLAST server for sequence-based searching of the assemblies in MealyBugBase. For a more detailed introduction, see the Search with a sequence tutorial.


download.mealybug.org uses h5ai to provide a browsable file server to allow bulk file downloads for all imported assemblies and analysis results. See the Download bulk data tutorial for more information.


ensembl.mealybug.org is a full Ensembl genome browser for mealybugs and other Hemiptera. This is the main entrypoint for text-based search, location-based and comparative views, see the Search by functional annotation, Jump to a specific location, View orthologues and gene trees and Explore additional tracks tutorials to explore further.